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Want to learn about a proven and advanced dog training device used by famous dog psychologists to train dogs for barking and aggression control?

Many canine owners are embarrassed by their dog's continuous barking at their visiting friends or family, other passing pets, aggressive leash pulling, or their neighbors complaining about the noise of their dog's bark! This stressful experience has led numerous owners to abandon their dogs at shelters or adoption centers.

Nonetheless, it's an unfortunate as well as a painful experience for any pet parent.

Well, you need not worry anymore. In this article, we’ll go through some solutions which can solve this problem forever.

Petzarus's anti-barking device has helped more than 700 dog owners to control their dogs' barking and aggressive behavior by adopting effective new age OBEDIENCE training methods.

Anti Bark device Benefits

Why do some dogs have an excessive barking tendency?

Barking is the only verbal language in a dog's world. For dogs, this is how they can alert their surroundings for attention towards a specific situation, whether it’s danger or something that they require for themselves. For instance, a toddler can only cry to call for their parent's attention – it's the same for dogs.

That being said, excessive barking or severe leash pulls signify that your dog's mind is continuously in a high alert mode, or in other words, anxious. Honestly, there can be numerous reasons why your dog resorts to this aggressive or overprotective attitude. But, the Anti-Barking training device can easily tame this behavior.

Anti Bark collar

There is plenty of statistical evidence to demonstrate types of fears and triggers in dogs based on research conducted by animal health experts.

Based on a scientific research data from the Medical News Today, it can be inferred that 70% of dogs are suffering from some fears triggering their anxiety. And that's normal! 

Just like in us humans, when we are scared or unsure of our surroundings, our senses are heightened, and often that makes us react in anger or haste – or perhaps to scream and shout. To soothe our tensed emotions, we have our family or friends around us who instantly calm us down by speaking to us gently and giving us assuring language such as “It’s going to be okay”, or “Everything is fine”. Since we are humans, our minds understand language and vocal levels; thus, our minds can be talked out of the situation. In the realm of dogs or any other animal however, that's not the case. They do not understand our vocal levels or even spoken language – so the question remains, how can we effectively pacify them when they are agitated?

Here's where our latest technology-driven Anti-Barking collar comes in handy; not only calms your dog to drop the aggressive behavior, also to obey your instructions!

What is Anti Barking device?

 The anti-barking device is a scientifically designed dog collar to transmit signals that dogs can instantly intercept and respond to. It comes with an adjustable waterproof collar, a lightweight pocket-size remote, a user manual, and charging accessories. The remote is calibrated on a scale of 0-99 levels for three signaling modes, i.e., BEEP, VIBRATION, and STATIC SHOCK.  

Anti Bark Device

The Anti Bark collar is made of soft silicone material, which is dog skin and fur friendly. The remote is lightweight and designed for convenient operation.

Moving on to the modes of signaling, it has BEEP, VIBRATION, and SHOCK modes:

BEEP Mode: 70% of dogs (small to medium-sized) have been trained with the BEEP mode. The collar needs to be adjusted closer to the jaws, as this gets an instant response from your dog to the signals. 

VIBRATION Mode: This is mainly for larger dogs who have much stronger jaws or dogs with severe, unpredictable, aggressive tendencies. The signals are intermittent in nature, and the intensity of vibration is easy to control via the lightweight, handy controller; also, the effective range for this signal is <=800 meters. Many Petzarus customers started out with this mode of signaling for their canines, and in a week's time, their dogs started responding well to BEEPS, and after another 3-4 weeks, their dogs were completely tamed and DISCIPLINED. The above timelines can vary based on the subject!

STATIC SHOCK Mode: This is the last resort option when both the previous signaling modes didn't work out for your dog. Again, this shock signal is similar to static shock that we as humans experience on a regular basis. All it does is intermittent bursts of static to break your dog's aggression. Less than 10% of Petzarus customers have used the Shock mode, that too 3-4 times, and then they could tame their dogs just by showing the remote to them.

Benefits of Anti Barking device?

 It has been a proven blessing for more than 700 Petzarus customers who were exhausted by their past efforts to train their dogs. This device deploys a scientific and intelligent way to interact with your dog.

Gone are those days when people had enough time to invest hours into training their dogs, occasionally investing financially too by hiring expensive dog trainers; Not everyone can afford a fixed monthly expense specifically for training their dogs. 

Anti Bark device

Here is a summary of some of the benefits our customers have found from this anti-barking device: 

  • Instead of only static shocks, this gives additional options of Beep and Vibration modes that are extremely effective
  • The signal intensity is adjustable so you can curate a level that works best for your situation
  • Cost-effective and time efficient dog training method
  • Works great for working pet parents who have a tight schedule at work and home
  • Easy to operate for new as well as experienced Pet owners
  • Training results are long term