Advanced Dog Feeding Solution For Busy Pet-Owners

Are you going out on a trip leaving your dog behind or have you run out of your regular pet supplies? Or, is your dog not having a healthy appetite? If you are a pet parent, these might be the most common concerns popping up if you notice your dog shying away from the food. As much as we care about our diet and food, monitoring our pet's routine is equally necessary.

If you struggle to keep track of your dog's health or puppy feeding schedule, explore ahead on how to monitor their nutrition easily, even if you aren't always available around them.

 How long can dogs go without food?

A healthy dog of any breed generally has a good appetite and consumes up to four meals daily. 

In dire conditions, they can survive from five to seven days without any solid intake. However, it only applies when they have enough fluids in their body. 

If you wonder how long can a dog go without eating, it depends on its health condition and appetite.  

Unwell dogs usually don't eat due to an upset gut or tasteless throat for two or three days, but you should get alert beyond that. Healthy dogs can also avoid food intake due to several reasons like: 

  • being in a stressed environment
  • facing anxiety or depression
  • not like the taste of the food
  • provided food could be spoiled or foul
  • continuous pestering to eat beyond the limit 

We expect a normal canine to eat the same every time, but what about the mood and choices? We might seldom skip a meal if we are in a bad mood, and so we should anticipate the same with our dogs. However, recognizing the changes early helps approach the problem quickly without starving the dog for long.

When to check for symptoms?

Waiting for ages would be ignorance on your side, nor should you rush for the vet just after a single instance. To watch for the symptoms of avoiding food, you can safely wait up to 48 hours without any fear. Meanwhile, check for the food's quality and brand. You can even face this issue if your dog food is of a new variety and probably your buddy misses his favorite!

If the food's quality and storage is a great issue to store it fresh throughout the day, an automatic feeder is a sure-shot solution to avoid the damage! It can also provide a stress-free environment and flexibility to choose the portions without the dog feeling hindered and stressed to gulp down the meals.

Auto Feeder

How much food should a puppy eat?

The simple solution to this most challenging question, how much to feed a puppy, depends entirely on the dog and its active energy. In general, they consume three or four meals with around 100 mg or half a cup of food per meal.

If your pup is very young, make sure it gets similar nutrition to its mother's milk to develop well in the primary days. Veterinarians suggest they be with their mothers for the first eight weeks, but if it isn't possible, you can rely on the best milk replacers to nourish them.

When nearing the end of these eight weeks, you can start solid puppy food in small amounts and gradually increase the quantity and nutrition. The meals' frequency can be more as they can't eat plenty at a single sitting, and you shouldn't miss out on the daily caloric count.

 Don't force your pup and give them enough freedom to choose what they would like to eat! You would be surprised, but dogs can also be picky eaters, which you have to look out for!

As the pup grows into a dog, switch to the adult food with rescheduled time and portions. Again, the quantity and need may largely vary with the breed and activity of your dog.

Keeping a steady track of these changing times and puppy feeding schedule is a little tricky for our busy professional lives. Improper attention or negligence can develop bad eating habits among dogs since their younger days.

Facing this struggle to follow the timetable? How about a gadget to help you out while giving you the entire control to monitor remotely? Check out how the automatic pet feeders are developed to help your schedule!

How can a pet feeder benefit?

An automatic feeder substitutes your job and helps you keep track of your dog's food schedule throughout the day without you being present all the time. This gadget is meticulously designed to be both pet and owner-friendly. Being a compact and affordable device, this one-time investment product can work wonders in the long -term!

 Petwant automatic pet feeder is one suitable solution to handle all these issues with just a single device. This technology helps the pets and pet owners with different features to manually manage the diet routine. It is comparatively feasible to monitor various factors as discussed here.

Auto Feeder

1.    Setting correct proportions in each meal

Pets also require an average caloric intake as we do. As directed by your vet, you should be providing adequate nutrition equally balanced in the meals. Don't fret if your addition and calculation seem to fail, as the feeder can easily resolve it.

 You can put the entire day's food at once in the food tank so that the machine can divide it as required!

 Stuffing a single meal and giving a few titbits later isn't a healthy diet. The entire food for puppies or dogs should be evenly divided to keep them energized throughout the day.

You no longer need to check the portions, as you can pre-set the divisions and meals in the device. It allows flexibility to adjust from 1-4 meals having 10-100mg food per plate.

Auto Feeder

2.    Timely calling for food

The changing time schedules with the puppy's growth certainly require an alarm to remind you and your pet about the meal timings. The timers are set to provide the required meals without fail.

 Neither you nor your pet has to be wide-awake, as the gadget would automatically call with an alarm to indicate the meal-time. A friendly melody gets played to call your pet for the meal once the food tray slides.

Even if you are out on work or a vacation, your pet doesn't have to miss you. If they don't eat well or respond to the alarm, you can use the voice intercom to communicate with them.

 3.    Remotely monitoring the pet's behavior

The puppy feeding guide provides real-time video interaction to monitor your dog while eating. You can check if they sniff the food and leave, chew and spit or just loiter around the tray. The dogs can sometimes be frightened of motor noises, people nagging them, or climatic disturbance.

 When you aren't physically present, you can record the background noises and check for the possible reason that distresses your pet if they aren't eating properly.

How does the device benefit you?

Petwant's automatic feeder is designed to connect with a mobile application where you can control it remotely.

The machine is compact, easy to wash and maintain, and works on a pure electric supply. It also has backup battery power to remain active when there's no power supply.

Final Words

We hope this article helped you in understanding how long can a dog go without eating and how much to feed a puppy! Using this latest technology, you can set up a proper puppy feeding chart without fail and monitor your pet's diet to ensure they are never avoiding their meals. You can happily rely on them as they are BPA-free and FDA-certified pet-friendly products, and of course, the ones suitable for your use!