What is Best for Your Cat’s Entertainment?

What is Best for Your Cat’s Entertainment?

Cats are the most independent animals in the world. They don't need human companionship to be happy, and they can entertain themselves for hours with a ball of yarn or a simple cardboard box.

Cats are often left to their own devices throughout the day. They may be fed, but that doesn't always keep them from getting bored and restless. Cats need a way to entertain themselves! Here are some ideas:

1.  Buy a scratching post

Cats love scratches on their back legs because it's reminiscent of when they were kittens and would climb trees to get higher up. Scratching posts give your cat an outlet where they're not destroying furniture or carpeting - plus scratching is good exercise!

2.  Put out a bird feeder near your window

This will provide the best entertainment for the cat because they can watch the birds up close. Cats like to sit and stare at things, so this is perfect. (Make sure not to leave your cat unattended though!) Give your cat live mice as pets: These are great if you don't mind the extra work, but be sure to buy them. Never use live ones because your cat may injure or kill it accidentally!

3.  Play with your cat

Put on an interesting YouTube video for your cats, like birds chirping outside or fish swimming in a tank. They'll love watching the movements and actions of other animals, especially if you act like you're playing with them too.

4.  Leave your laundry out

Your cat will feel neglected if you never leave anything out for them to play with. They won't pester you to play, but they'll sure be entertained! Put the hamper in a room your cat frequents and make sure it's full of crumpled-up clothes, and your cat will have a blast!

5.  Get your cat a play date

If you have another cat or if you're willing to get one as a pet, then let them go off and entertain each other. Your cats will be happy because they finally found someone like them, and it'll feel less lonely for you as well now that your cat has a friend to play with.

6.  The Cat Dancer

This is a classic toy that your cat will love! It’s an interactive infrared laser pointer with a string attached to it so you can hang the device in different places around the room for your cat's enjoyment. Cats are naturally curious creatures who have been known to chase after lights, especially if they see them moving.

Other ideas include:

  •  Putting up a kitty hammock near windows so the cat can nap while watching birds outside.
  •  Cutting open plastic bottles into rings, putting on top of cans so it makes noise when the cat knocks over.

Bottom Line

Cats are very playful and intelligent creatures, and they need their own entertainment to keep them healthy and happy. These are just a few ways you can entertain your cat if you ever feel like going out and leaving them at home alone for a while.

There are always options for you and your cat to keep yourselves entertained! If you want something really unique and fun for your kitty, try out one of these hilarious products designed just for them!