800m Electric Dog Collar Anti-barking, Dog training Device

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Product value proposition: Many Pet parents have a hard time training their hyperactive dogs (Big, Medium, or Small), who need smarter and more effective methods for DISCIPLINE and OBEDIENCE training. Most pet parents suffer from severe mental stress, social embarrassment, and anxiety due to their Dogs' DISOBEDIENCE and, unfortunately, some parents end up either putting down their dogs or abandoning them at shelters. But, we have this revolutionary training device that would instantly signal your dog's mind to break the aggressive thought and be 100% OBEDIENT towards your instructions. There are 3 Modes to signal your dog to behave BEEP, VIBRATE, and a MILD STATIC SHOCK. 90% of our customers could discipline their dog by sending BEEPS or VIBRATION alert signals. MILD STATIC SHOCK at 90-99 is the one we personally experience in our daily lives, so you need not perceive it as a SHOCK to blow your dog's brain! This product has helped thousands of pet owners to tame their hyperactive dogs and discipline them for life; it can do the job for you too!



1. The latest technology product will allow your dog to swim with a receiver and even dive together. The receiver's maximum diving depth is 30 meters and an in-depth 1 meter of water can soak for 24 hours.

2. The most popular and humane dog trainer available at the moment. It can be used to help dogs correctly bark, walk, train, sit, invade, and obey other acts.

3. 0-99 adjustable static stimulation with vibration shock, and a standard sound mode. The intensity of vibration is safe, controlled, and microseconds trigger. Three types of stimulus ensure that you will find a training pattern suitable for your dog.

4. The design of remote control technology is to ensure the remote control range up to 800 meters and let you train your dog in the park or backyard. Waterproof and rechargeable receiver and transmitter, so you can train your dog on rainy days; 14-24" adjustable collar size for neck.


Orange collar: 100 meter

Black collar: up to 800 meter


We will provide you with a detailed product using an instruction book that will allow you to achieve the best working result in the shortest possible time. In addition, the product's strong waterproof ability enables you to swim with your pet in the pool or sea and enjoy diving.

Training collars are used to train dogs, not for punishment! This collar has three options for training dogs, beeps, vibrations, and static shocks. Electrostatic shocks are always used as the last option or not use. We strongly recommend vibrating training mode if you don't want to use a static impact collar.


1. Lithium battery for power supply
2. Up to 800 meters maximum control distance
3. 99 independent static levels, 99 vibration levels, and voice level buttons
4. Blue backlight LCD controller
5. The controller and receiver have a power-saving function
6. IP67 receiver waterproof and dustproof level
7. Collar length range is 20-72cm/7.87-28.3"
8. The controller can work for 6-8 weeks after fully charged and the receiver can work for 2-3 weeks after being fully charged

Package Content:

1*Bark stopper and user manual