Automatic circulation pet water fountain with motion sensor

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Product value proposition: Pet Water bowls are not safe these days because they have no protection from dust/smoke in the air, pet hairs, and mud from your pet's nose or paws when they come thirsty from a walk or outdoor activity. This often results in poor indigestion in pets, sometimes kidney stones too! But, this advanced water fountain will keep your pet safe from all worries and never dehydrated.

Overview: This automatic freshwater fountain for your cats and dogs is the perfect solution to serve them clean filtered water without your physical presence. Low power consumption can operate on Power Bank input too, noise free during operation, BPA free, and FDA approved, enabled with a motion sensor to smartly turn on as your pet approaches the fountain. Pet owners need not stress about their pet's feeling thirsty or forgetting to fill their water bowl.

Package content: Fountain + 1 filter + Charger

Filter life: 60-90 days (recommended)


1. Water Fountain w/o Motion Sensor: Fountain without motion sensor, 1 Filter, and charger

2. Water Fountain with Motion Sensor: Fountain with Motion Sensor, 1 Filter, and charger


Applicable objects: Dogs(small and medium-size) and Cats
Removable: Detachable and easy to clean
Product weight: 700g
Specifications: National regulations, American regulations, European regulations, Japanese regulations
Specification size: 165*165*165mm
Input method: USB + power adapter
Water storage capacity: 1.8L

Water Fountain 

Water Fountain

Water Fountain

Water Fountain