Foldable Poop Scooper for Dogs

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A MUST-HAVE FOR EVERY PET OWNER (Dogs, Cats or any pet)
Being a pet parent is a lot of fun, but, cleaning after your pet, is not!  That is why we invented this scooper!. Your kids will love using it too! Gift yourself this product and bless your lives with the freedom from squishing poop with your hands every day.

Lightweight, Leakproof, Convenient, and easy to carry while jogging, walking, hiking, or even traveling. No need to rush home immediately after your pet has emptied its bowels.

Designed for easy, one-handed pick-ups on all surfaces
Made of plastic with a wide, comfortable grip.
Makes cleanup quick, easy, and sanitary.
Pick up waste easily with the one-handed scooper.
Healthy and convenient for pet cleaning.
With a handle, convenient to use.

Manufacturer Recommendation:

Model: (Scooper Size) x (Garbage Bag size) 

Model: L x XL for Dogs (Small-Medium-Large)

Model: S x XL for Cats (Big or Small) 

Model: S x XS for Birds or other small animals

Material: plastic
Color: Blue, Yellow, Green, Red
Size S: 14X11.5CM L:19x15.5cm

Garbage Bag: 6 roll set, 120 pieces in total

Package Content:

1 x Toilet Scooper

No-Touch Dog & Cat Poop Scooper - Handheld, Small, & Easy | PETZARUS