Pet Feeding Bowl with Timer and Voice note

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Being a pet owner comes with a huge responsibility of not letting your pet starve when you are not available around. So we have invented this smart timer-based pet feeding machine for you! As a pet owner, you don't have to worry about skipping a meeting or missing out on social events in order to feed your lovely pets. Load the food in the machine and set the timer. Rest will be taken care of by the machine!  
1.6 independent food storage slots, one of which can be automatically opened according to the set time, which is convenient for pets to eat
2. Built-in display, microphone, speaker, and clock, 4 feeding times can be set arbitrarily (on the hour), and the maximum feeding time is six days
3. Record 8 seconds of voice message or music for your pet, and it will automatically play three times every time the food trough is opened to remind the pet to eat
4. The detachable food tray parts are easy to clean and durable ABS material;
5. Fixed feeding amount and time to help dogs protect their health and reasonable eating habits;

6. Easy to train your pets with your voice notes;

Packing: color box
Material: ABS plastic
Weight: 1300g
Color: yellow, pink, blue, green, beige
Size: 32.4X9cm
Capacity: each meal/cell: 330ml
Total serving size: 6 meals/cell: 1980ml
Battery: Use 4 AA universal large batteries

Products Content:
1x pet feeder
1x manual