Treats Ball for Puppies and Dogs

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1. Heavy Duty Neoprene Rubber, good bite resistance;
2. Is scented to keep your pet's bad breath at bay
3. Tooth shape, you can put dog and cat treats in the teeth gap, let pets enjoy rewards while playing, arouse interest in dogs;
4. Good jumping performance, suitable for agility training;
5. A variety of colors are available.

Product value proposition: Bite training your dogs and cats can be a daunting task for anyone. You need to keep stopping them and rewarding them for their corrections. What if, there is a better way to get them their jaw and gum exercise with automatic rewards! This revolutionary product is the solution to your problems. Stuff the treats in the teeth of the ball and let your pets exercise their molars in the quest of getting to the rewards, while you enjoy shooting their videos! 

Rubber Food Ball Bite Resistant Dog Toy Mint Flavor Watermelon Tooth Ball Molar Toy
Rubber molar dog toy, chewing dog toy, leakage toy, clean mouth, Cavity strong teeth toy
Small diameter 5cm 52g large diameter 7cm 140g. medium diameter6cm 82g
Spot colors: red, yellow, grass green, mint green, orange, blue.

Package Content:
1 x Toy